Credential Issuers

The DQF issuer is any organization that issues DQF digital badges under its own responsibility, capacity, and autonomy by using the DQF infrastructure and applying DQF standards. By adhering to the DQF service of creating, managing, and issuing digital badges, issuers also adhere to the 17 goals of the Sustainable Development Implementation Charter of the United Nations and deploy their certification statements in accordance with the EU definitions of skills and competences.

Attribution: Daniel H Hardman, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The issuers are credential awarding bodies that prepare and issue degrees, diplomas, certificates of participation, diploma supplements, or other learning credentials/micro-credentials to their learners. These credentials are issued in the form of DQF digital badges, implementing the DQF infrastructure and standards. Education and training providers, education agencies or ministries, employers, or any other organization showing respect for the DQF standards can issue DQF credentials.

Issuers wishing to enhance their international reputation and demonstrate their full capacity in providing learners with certifications that are correctly aligned with EU standards receive support from the community. After an accreditation process, they can have the second level accreditation seal for the EQF - system. The community helps them to build and issue EU standard compliant credentials that can be multilingual, allowing recipients to navigate their content and understand the credentials.