The DQF.eu standards establish rules for any credential statement, indicating how to populate the open badge fields and requiring alignment of the badge contents with the European approach to skills and competences. This approach is developed with the European Qualification Framework, the Europass system, which includes the European Digital Credentials for learning requirements, and the ESCO database, which identifies and categorizes skills, competences, and occupations relevant for the EU labor market, education, and training.

Issuers wishing to enhance their international reputation and demonstrate their full capacity in providing learners with certifications that are correctly aligned with EU standards receive support from the skillman.eu community.

These issuers are guided in understanding and applying the DQF protocol. They are then promoted to international peer reviews, which allow them to enter the DQF benchmarking mechanism.
This mechanism is designed to encourage self-evaluation and improvement of quality credentials.

Their credentials are finally audited by a third party for verification and a second level seal of excellence to show the effective application of all the DQF.eu standards to credential statements.